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Comply with Global Web Accessibility Regulation Or Risk Being Sued!

You are at risk regardless of country. The regulation just has another name. By raising the subject and sharing some information, we hope to help you avoid lawsuits and profit from our experience.

This is what we learned
Legal World

Good Reasons to Comply

Here are a few of the most important reasons to comply:

More Customers

The vast majority of disabled people will give up navigating a website that is not prepared for them. With between 15 and 20% of the population having some disability you are losing out on a lot of potential customers.

Right Thing

It is quite simply the morally right thing to do. Putting people at a disadvantage because of illness or disability is no longer acceptable. The technology is readily available and thus there are really no excuses anymore.

Cost Savings

As the cost of lawsuits are increasing and the initial investment is quite low compared to the customer potential. It makes sense to invest in compliance. It can make money and save both you and disabled a lot of hassle.

Mistakes to Avoid

As website owners, we must make our sites accessible to people facing difficulties that we cannot even imagine. This means that we easily fall prey to solutions and promises that we cannot possibly evaluate.

  • Do not postpone

  • The ADA is a strict liability law which means there are no excuses and thus no way to defend yourself if you violate it..

  • There is no quick fix

  • Do not rely on software solutions – I have not yet found a software that secure full compliance. Manual work is needed for that..

  • Do not buy audits

  • Do not purchase expensive accessibility audits – most of them are software scans. There are several free tools out there you can use instead..

  • Do not rely on widgets

  • Do not trust that lawyers will not target you if you have a visible widget on your site. Some of them are smart enough to check if you have done the manual work.

  • The best thing to do

  • The 1st thing you need to do is to start removing all barriers that obstruct access or cause frustration on your website. This is your best protection from lawsuits and it helps those with disability to access your site and thus business.

    Get an ADA Analysis

    Tips and suggestions

    Here are 4 short videos that we think do a pretty decent job of explaining website accessibility

    What is Web Accessibility in 60 seconds!

    Women Techmakers

    Accessible Web Design: What Is It & How To Do It


    Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards

    W3C Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI)

    Web Accessibility Guidelines - How to make your code Web Accessible

    Fullstack Academy

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