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What's In For You?

You will be featured on a selection of sites with the highest authority. This will give you instant authority and expert status with human and search engines. Meaning you will stand out to anyone searching , including search engines, which will boost your websites ranking and number of visitors.

1. you get overnight experts status

2. you get instant authority in your niche

3. it will boost you towards the 3 pack rankings-and protect you if you already there

4. over time you get massive traffic and a sales boost

5. you get exposure on some of the biggest sites on the web with hundreds of millions of monthly visitors

6. you get citations and back links to your websites from high authority sites 

7. you get to be listed on sites where your competitors are not

8. you get the celebrity status associated with being feature on such sites

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The Big Sites Campaign is a perfect add-on to the Omnipresence Media Campaign and can be run monthly or be used to manifest that you are the absolute expert and your business is the absolute go to solution in your area for your services.

(It's also the perfect add-on for defending your 3 Pack position or getting you in the 3 Pack if you're close).

The Qualifying Criteria are (like those of the Omnipresence Media Campaign):

1. You like regular high value leads.

2. Your organisation is ready to grow, and you want to grow it.

3. You have an established sales and on-boarding process.

4. You want a hands-off service and are willing to invest up to an hour of  your time in the beginning to get that. 

5. You focus on your return on your investment instead of focusing on the cost.

The Investment:

Starts at $2000 a month with a 3-month commitment

Or a $3000 for a one time campaign

Why It Works

For your business to thrive all you need is consistently to make new sales and to do that you need:  

1. A steady stream of people who wants to buy your service and can afford your price.

2. These people need to trust and recognize you.

When you succeed with this, your life becomes much easier and its is actually not that hard because gaining that kind of trust and the customers its brings is the result of you being established as an experts and expert status is gained through social proof.

However, all social proof is not created equal, you can test this by asking someone if they can "feel" the difference between these 2 examples:
- A business that has a few testimonials on their websites.
- A business that gets invited to speak on the subject by the news.

Even this imaginary example should allow you to feel the difference , so for you to get more sales and get more exposure , you need expert status. The fastest way you can position yourself or business to gain "Expert Status" is through leveraging the recognition and authority from already trusted brands.... And now you don't have to know how to do that because with the big sites campaign. We will do it with you.

You get exposure on these globally known brands over night

1 Yahoo Finances
2 Morning Star
3 NASDAQ or Associated Press +6 more

These sites have the authority to get top rankings in google within 36 hours, giving you a steady stream of highly target traffic when we craft the media campaign with that aim.

Traffic and recognition follow the exposure and association with these brands.

Run these campaign consistently to "stack" your traffic and rankings to gain visibility for long-tall searches overnights and higher competition terms over time. By now you probably have questions which we will be happy to answer!

Feel free to email us @ [email protected]

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