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GrooveFunnels Lifetime Deal Experience with GroovePages and GrooveSell Free.

October 10, 2020 by Klaus Hansen

When something changes your business for the better, it is hard not to share it with others.

Groove Funnels has helped reduce the number of tools that I need in my business. I now work on a platform where everything is integrated, and I have only one support team to call. How much it is going to save us long-term is impossible to say, but short-term it is already providing big boost in productivity.

Groove Funnels, a web-page and sales funnels builder software has been extended with email, hosting, video, sales cart, payment and much more.

The best part is that the software is still in beta version and being improved daily. There are so many apps coming and planned that I anticipate it will also reduce the cost, and the stress of owning the business as well as increase our rate of growth.

A few groove apps with short explanations

How Does Groove Funnels Work?

The software has all necessary apps built in so that you do not have the struggle with integrating any part as it simply works right out the "box".

It was designed with one specific purpose in mind. To help anyone building a business faster, easier, and cheaper than with any other solution on the market.

Even though I have never built a page before I set up one that made a web-designer I know comment that my design was better than his. Now, I just picked a template and played around with it, so I am nowhere near being a designer, but it does speak for the quality of Groove Funnels.

The one app that could be missing for some is the sales team integration. However, the platform is prepared for seamless integration with Pipe Drive, for those who need it. And for those who grow to later need it, it will already have been handled and solved.

In spite of having to wait for a sales integration I am happy that I chose to trust the reviews that I read on the groove page and their 30 day money back guarantee.

3 of the reviews that groove display on its page

Who Is It for?

With its many functionalities built in Groove Funnels is for just about anyone.

It is basically the tool for business building, whether off-line or online business is irrelevant, the platform contains almost everything needed.

With this suite of tools, you can establish a one-person business or grow a sizeable business without having to invest in more expensive software solutions.

Although the online marketers with existing experience will gain benefits faster. The lifetime offer actually makes it perfect for off-line businesses that want to expand or go online as you get a fixed cost for your entire software suite and thus do not have to pay steep monthly fees for all the necessary software.

It means that you can move forward at your own page and build out your business as you have time for it. Speaking of time. Having an all in one software platform to run your business is going to reduce the time you spend getting set up considerably. In addition, you have the benefits of being backed by one knowledgeable support team so you do not have to spend weeks learning how to make it all work together and hours on hold every month, with support teams that point you to the next vendor for your specific issue

Unfortunately, I say this based on experience.

Given that Groove has a basic version which is not just free but free for life. I suggest you look if you are spending anything on software today, to choose between basic and lifetime. This might reduce your costs considerably.

If you are a one-person business the free basic version might contain everything you need.

Do you subscribe to many different software's you can save immediately by upgrading to the lifetime deal. For some, the potential for saving is above $1000 a month.

Building a business on a ZERO cost foundation will help any entrepreneur, whether you are just starting out or seasoned.

Another way that groove is different.

Groove is a technology company that will help you with your marketing

Is It Easy?

Well, more than hundred thousand people have set up accounts with Groove Funnels even though it still in beta. And I build a page that looks good, which has never happened before.

Most users agree that it holds incredible potential, especially for cost reduction. But certainly, also for increasing productivity.

The fact that it is a beta version that I am working on makes it hard to estimate where we will land but looking at the progress they are doing. I expect a lot of the obstacles that we experience daily to disappear as the software developers get bugs and additions rolled out and we transition to the new software platform.

One thing that is impressive is the attention paid by the team behind the software to suggestion from users. They even reschedule planned launches for parts of the software to move ahead faster with what users asked for.

This is such a structured system that when you buy the software. You also get access to a feedback platform and a suggested features platform where you can go and make your wishes and vote for wishes made by others.

It is an openness and attentiveness to user wishes that I find very promising and say the least, quite unusual.

Often when we buy software. We are looking for efficiency, speed, and money savings, but what we get is complexity and more of it.

Now, in my opinion a solid business system covers the entire workflow, improves cooperation, and efficiency, and does so costing less. And that is exactly what I have experienced even though we are only in the beginning of moving everything to the groove platform.

So yes, it is easy!

Man working in front of monitors


Dealing with fewer vendor’s and achieving single-point security is another benefit of an all in one solution. Long-term. This will both help cut costs and increase efficiency of daily operations.


Previously, my experience was software often did not meet goals. In fact, it often got in the way.

I had to use dozens of different apps to get work done. And the shuffling ad fragmentation was killing my productivity. Finally, with groove I can manage it all from a single place.

You can now help your business thrive with tools that save time and money. Making it..

Man and woman working in front of desktop

The best thing for you and your business

Most of us get started with own business to get more freedom and we end up having none. Topping that of, a recent survey found that the average entrepreneur spends up to 68% of time tackling day-to-day tasks and only 32% on growing their business.

With a software that is built with the purpose of taking care of those issues, those daily hoops I need to jump and oops I need to put out fire, I finally find myself focusing much more on building than managing my business and I expect that, so will you.

I highly recommend Groove Funnels and suggest that as a minimum, you take out the free for life version just to make sure you have it. If you should ever need it.

GrooveFunnels Free version here

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