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Our Mission

We help health professionals and business owners stand out to their preferred audience through massive media coverage featuring their expertise.

Business growth through media presence without using your time.

Would you like your marketing to take care of itself and the media to feature you as the expert, you are, so that people in your service area naturally choose you for your specialist services?

Our whole philosophy around getting you featured for your expertise is based on minimal involvement on your part for maximum return on your money. Once you decide to make use of our omnipresence media campaign. It will be less than one hour of your time, monthly.

How Does This Benefit You?

1. get known for your expertise.

2. get a constant flow of your preferred clients/customers

3. focus your offer and communication

4. stand out in the minds of people and algorithms of search engines

5. suggestions for optimisation to free your time and increase your income

Who Is This For?

This is perfect for you, if

• you like regular new high-value leads

• your clients have high lifetime value

• you have an established sales and on-boarding process

• are in a high competition area

Grow Your Business Through Media Omnipresence

HM Optimisation is created with the purpose of making life easier for expert professionals and business owners by getting them a constant flow of perfect clients. This is achieved via omnipresent media campaigns and automated follow-up with visitors to sites and profiles.

We offer clients from select niches the opportunity to leverage our systems and make use of “done for you packages”.

Our Perfect Clients

Is it you?

  * Your organisation is ready to grow, and you want to grow it.

  * You focus on return on your investment. Instead of the cost.  

  * You want a hands-off service and are willing to invest up to an hour a month of your time in the beginning.

  * You are willing and capable of spending at least a $1000 a month.

Our solutions, systems and processes are designed to help your business leverage the power of omnipresent media coverage. We focus on producing greater result in less time without requiring much of your time. 

You get, proven strategies and approaches that has been tested and verified by our strategic partners spending millions in the process. 

The goal with omnipresence will make your business the “Go to Authority” of your industry in your service area. Specifically, we are servicing health professionals (chiropractors, dentists, doctors + veterinarians) and business owners from select industries (HVAC, landscaper)

How We Help You

As you have read to this point you might well be our perfect potential client. So, let’s dive into getting you a flow of your perfect clients.

First step – Grow Your Expert Status

This is where we need a bit of your time as we need you to answer a series of questions that will allow our writers to profile your business so that you stand out as the authority in your niche and area.

In this process we consider how humans decide to trust and how search engines decide which business to direct people’s enquiries to.

Now we could go into the technical details of producing articles, videos, podcasts, blogs et cetera but instead I would like you to imagine somebody searching for your products or services. That somebody is going online to find where to place the business.

Since it’s a big decision trust and confidence is needed before any decision is made. Now your business popped up in the search result along with several of your competitors. You all have well designed websites and social media profiles where you tell your story, but one business stands out by being regularly featured on media sites across the web including high authority new sites…

- who would you decide to trust?

- is it your business that stands out?

Why This Works

There’s absolutely no doubt when looking at human psychology and search engine results that most people will end up placing their business with the one that has been featured across the most sites with the highest perceived authority.

Just ask yourself where you place trust the most?

- to what somebody writes on their website?

- or if the same information is in the news?

Omnipresence done right is your opportunity to decide for your perfect client to choose you when they need you… And it leaves you because of our “done for you service” with the time to take care of your business. Instead of focusing on figuring out how to get more customers.

If you can see yourself and your benefit business benefit from our model. To learn more or get started, contact us at: [email protected]


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