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The HM Optimisation technical and marketing team have been working together to create an exclusive PRODUCT BUNDLE especially designed to help small/medium businesses to better market themselves.

We called it OMNIPRESENCE to celebrate our goal of making your business actually OMNIPRESENT across all websites and social media channels.

By creating an integrated campaign we can deliver and manage customized marketing solutions formed by:

  • coupon campaign
  • banner ad
  • video ad
  • social cover
  • social media strategy
  • reputation marketing

What is Our Mission?

We help health professionals and business owners stand out to their preferred audience through massive media coverage featuring their expertise. The good thing is that we achieve this growth through media presence without using your time. The goal of this campaign is to expand your social presence in other to connect with potential customers.

Our whole philosophy around getting you featured for your expertise is based on minimal involvement on your part for maximum return on your money. Once you decide to make use of our omnipresence media campaign. It will be less than one hour of your time, monthly.

How Does This Benefit You?

  • get known for your expertise.
  • get a constant flow of your preferred clients/customers
  • focus your offer and communication
  • stand out in the minds of people and algorithms of search engines
  • suggestions for optimisation to free your time and increase your income

Who is this for?

This is perfect for you, if;
  • you like regular new high-value leads
  • your clients have high lifetime value
  • you have an established sales and onboarding process
  • are in a high competition area 

Recent studies suggest that 20% to 30% of Groupon users visit the website and social media accounts of companies they find interesting and leave empty handed when they don’t find the offers they expect. 

Imagine if you could welcome all those potential customers with deals specifically designed for your social media and use the social cover to better display them? Great, isn’t it!

Make their experience even better by creating high quality promotional videos to share on websites and social media. People cannot resist a good video, neither can Google robots!

And now the cherry on the cake: TRACK all your visitors and RETARGET them with customized banners, that can change instantly to adjust to your audience's behaviour.

This is our vision but we need your help to test it before we roll it out to the wider business word.
What’s in it for you?

You can choose to try any ONE of our products, completely FREE of CHARGE:

  • social covers
  • customized coupon campaigns
  • banner ads
  • video ads

PLUS, with each product, we provide TRACKING tools with the aim of RETARGETING potential customers.

You don’t know which product to choose?

You can try the WHOLE OMNIPRESENCE BUNDLE with a 70% price DISCOUNT for 30 DAYS, including:

  • customized coupon campaigns
  • banner ads
  • video ads
PLUS Social covers for all your platforms free of charge.
PLUS TRACKING tools of potential customers.
In return we only ask for your honest feedback on the experience. All the costs of design concept and artwork are on us. ​

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