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AI chatbot's are fantastic conversion tools


AI is the best sales rep for every website because its performance does not depend on the mood, job satisfaction, and how the day was. AI chatbots can be installed on websites and even on some social media profiles.

People visit your website for information and it is honoring their time to answer right away. Any conversation can lead to sales and this is why most businesses receive a triple-digit increase in customers in the first few months after employing updating their website with a chatbot.

For just $75 a month a chatbot will start a conversation with each visitor to your website, as well as:

  • Answer Questions

  • Receive Queries

  • Inform on Inventory

  • Inform on Delivery

  • Make Appointments

  • Confirm Bookings

  • Take Orders

  • Upsell

  • Down-sell

  • If you are not sure it is a good fit for your business – take a 30 day free trial and test it out!

    Let Ai Handle All Your Marketing


    Conversational Texting is a service that enables your landline phone number to receive and send text messages. For as little as $35 you can:

  • Receive all the texts sent your way 

  • Reach people through their preferred channel

  • Do not put customers on hold and decrease their satisfaction

  • Why is reaching customers so hard? Well, about 50% have 7+ unread emails in their inboxes, and less than 40% will reply or react to an email from a business within 1 hour

    Conversational texting allows visitors to contact you easily

    People barely answer half of the calls they receive at the time the caller is calling, and most of the missed calls are from nonmemorized numbers. 58% of people return texts instead of calling back.

    You may have invested in an app or are thinking to do so, but it will not have great results. On average, users already have 80+ apps on their phones. 61% of users would not install a new app to communicate with a business.

    Enabling texting on your landline phone makes communication faster, easier, and more convenient. It is immediate but not disruptive. It is excellent for short and direct interactions, and it is using a feature that every mobile phone has.

    Statistics confirm that 74% of consumers have 0 unread texts and will respond to a business text in less than one hour. 75% of consumers are frustrated when they have to call someone instead of texting them.

    You might think you don’t need it because you are not aware of how many potential customers are mistaking your landline for mobile. Take a 7-day free trial and see for yourself!

    Try Conversational Ai for Customer Engagement
    A website that facilitates easy communication between you and site visitors get you more customers

    Creating a successful digital product requires an advanced process that goes beyond aesthetic concerns. More precisely, it entails a good knowledge of business analysis, user research, psychology, and software development. Web designers help transform your brand into a visual story. We turn your website into an effective way to engage with your audience and a high-performing marketing tool for your business.


    A website is a journey. And we’re passionate about making this journey smooth, streamlined, and pleasant for everyone. Working together, we build the sites and products that become users’ favorite places to be.

    We monitor and take the time to fix bugs and issues, delete zombie pages and further improve upon well-performing pages and elements that convert the users and increase customer retention.

    Your unique business needs a custom web design strategy tailored to fit your branding, preferences, and goals

    Our web design company in NYC has a brilliant web dev team that builds professionally-designed websites. We don’t use or apply a one-size-fits-all solution. We are committed to delivering high-quality projects for our clients


    ERTC – The ERC tax refund. You most likely qualify for up to $26,000 per W-2 if

  • You had less than 100 full-time W-2 employees that you paid in 2020 or less than 500 full-time W-2 employees in 2021

  • You did/did not receive a PPP loan (either one is ok)

  • You were affected by a full or partial shutdown

  • We offer a free assessment of eligibility and a free calculation of the amount your business can apply for.

    GROW with mBrain Instead (ERC TAX REFUND Closed)


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