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Omnipresence media campaigns get your business in the media

Your Business In The Media

Science says that a person must notice your brand on average 7 times to convert to into a buyer. And people often do not notice ads, so a big advertising budget does not necessarily mean you are going to get noticed. Our experience with media helped us see things from another perspective. Therefore, we created the Omnipresence Media Campaigns, a solution that grows your business through increased brand visibility from publication on over 400 large media sites.

Successful Businesses Are Present Everywhere

Media Campaigns make people see your name in relation with brands they already know and trust like established media outlets.Media mentions can easily go viral and hold enormous potential. For example, there was a study that proved correlation between media mentions and winning elections.

Media coverage predicts whether someone buys from you or the competition

Media Presence Brings Power To Local Businesses 

And you selling your products or services is an election! The client will be choosing you over the competitors!

What Is In A Media Campaign?

Our Omnipresence Media Campaigns include Articles, Blog Posts, InfographicsSlide Share, Videos, and Podcasts, and are securely published on over 400 large media sites. You get large, trusted authority sites to point visitors to your business!

The screenshot below shows the traffic results a client experienced publishing the monthly Omnipresence Media Campaign from October-February.

Traffic statistic from customer media campaign

By always being present on high authority media sites you make sure that you are noticed in every relevant search.

What To Expect

You can expect each individual campaign to rank immediately but the traffic value comes from continuously publishing and stacking brand, offers and authority over time. By always being present on high authority media sites you make sure that you are noticed in every relevant search.

Longtail Keywords

You will start producing content that covers what is called longtail keywords. As it is much harder to rank for plumber or dentist then it is for 24/7 emergency plumbing service Springfield Connecticut and it’s even faster for geographically smaller areas.

Each of Your Omnipresence Media Campaigns We Deliver Will Generate Multiple Longtail Keywords Like This:

Articles in media campaigns are high-ranking for long-term keywords
  • New York Dental Reputation Management is a bigger and more competitive term than New York Dental Reputation Management Content and thus requires more consistency and longer time (more work and budget) to rank

  • Longtail keyword from media campaign article get you top ranking

    As you can clearly see above this campaign ranked well. And it ranked immediately – it only took 6 days to get on the 1st page of Google for the longer keyword phrase. The image below explains how this works.

    Multiple specific publications convert well and increase growth over time


    To make sure even your first Omnipresence Media Campaign is a success, we always start in smaller areas. By publishing content covering smaller areas within your entire service area, you will rank faster and higher on Google for the smaller areas and support your long-term success for the entire area. This is partly because search engines always want to provide a localized answer to a search inquiry. When you hit their sweet spot, you get the search engines on your side.

    What Results Will A Media Campaign Deliver?

    The purpose of Omnipresence Media Campaigns is to significantly improve the online visibility of a business. The progress and results of each campaign are illustrated with manually built snapshot report like the one below.

    Snapshot report image showing how multiple publications get your business seen and found more often

    Image from customer presentation. The top line displays services and the left column the service locations. Red means not found at all. The number of stars indicate the difficulty of the competition. You will notice that competitive levels change as competitors will respond when you start showing up everywhere and their phones stop ringing.

    Measurable Marketing Results From Media Campaigns

    The report shows the visibility for a given service at the time of our research and the progress in online visibility that occurs when you publish regularly, using our media campaign system. As the media campaign is guaranteed to rank it guarantees this process will only build up on its success and deliver improved results over time.

    Our client’s experience is that business went from not being found online for most of their services in most of their service locations, to being highly visible and today they are everywhere, whatever you search in their area and niche.

    The HM Optimisation Omnipresence media campaign content Marketing distribution model

    How To Show Up Everywhere For Everything You Do:

  • Our Omnipresence Campaigns are expertly crafted by our experienced writers who are also trained to understand SEO, and

  • We follow through on distribution of the campaign to several hundred sites covering 7 different media platforms.

  • Here is our distribution model and where you can expect your Omnipresence Campaigns to get your name

    You will notice the effects of the campaigns in very short time after the launch of the first one, and you can measure the success of each Omnipresence Campaign by the behavior of your customers.

    How Can You Measure Success?

  • Brand Visibility

  • Clicks

  • Traffic

  • Phone Calls

  • Real World Visits

  • Brand Mentions

  • Brand Searches

  • The brand visibility affect of media campaigns
    AI chatbot improve conversion across digital platforms and profiles

    However, most customers will see the listings i.e., the GMB of your business before they visit the website so monitoring traffic to listings can be done through Google analytics or GMB access.

    It is absolutely an advantage for you to have an AI Chatbot installed on your website and social media platforms. It will dramatically increase the number of visitors that you capture.

    Media campaigns does not cover traditional listings like Yelp, but they do get you citations from high authority sites in the same way. But it’s still a good idea to add in a dedicated listing service as well. See business listings & voice search.

    Where Can Customers Find My Business

    These are just a few of the many listing sites that customers visit frequently. Most businesses have at least twice as many visitors on their listings on these sites as on their website. Additionally, business listings like these provide citations and back-links that play a major role in ranking your business website. What can you do to have control over their effect?

    True omnipresence means you are found everywhere including directories

    Your current situation is less relevant than your willingness to succeed because here we have the solutions for any situation

    Media campaigns Use SEO knowledge and work well with website Pay per result SEO

    SEO Or Media Campaigns?

    If you must choose between SEO and media campaigns the rule of thumb is that the decision should be based on an analysis of the ROI you can expect for the budget you have.

    It cannot be said that one is better than the other, because this depends on your situation and your goals. The main difference is that a media campaign will rank immediately whereas ranking your website with SEO takes more time.

    And media campaigns instantly generate hundreds of different keyword phrases relating to your business whereas SEO must focus on a few selected keyword phrases for it to be efficient.

    However, you might want to check our Pay Per Result SEO Solution before spending any money on SEO. Pay per Result SEO will cost you nothing unless we get you ranked on the first page.


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