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Advertising Grants for Your Business

We get your business approved for a lifetime of free advertising to increase brand exposure, goodwill & overall margins without you giving up equity control.

Build Your Online Visibility & Business Future with an Advertising Grant

With the grant and our solutions to optimize your online presence you will never lack customers and with free advertising you simply decide what kind of buyer to attract and focus on so making them well.

The Grant & How To Get And Use It In Your Business

This is a wittier walk-through of the grant program for those who prefer video over reading the text below. It will tell you how our partners and clients and attract customers for the most valuable and profitable services with free advertising.

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Improved Online Visibility with Advertising Grants WILL BRING YOU MORE REVENUE but

A few points to consider before enrolling

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Businesses under $200,000 a year

If you're currently earning less than $200,000 a year in your business our grant model may not be the best program for you at the moment. You may want to consider getting your "lead generation workflow" redesigned and test out a few offers BEFORE you embark on the journey to get grants for your business.

Please ask us about a better workflow model for your business. A lot can be done often in a short time and with simple means. Make sure to establish the right foundation for your business and future.

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Businesses over $200,000 a year

If you are currently earning over $200,000 a year in your business and already have an offer that can be scaled up with more "paid ads" then the grant program is PERFECT for you. Please continue reading, submit the form and if you have further questions check the FAQ or save them for the call.

For most small businesses $10,000 a month for advertising will soon make them the local ruler of the major search engines.. 


Powered Business by Grants – Benefits

Your time investment is a few minutes to fill this form and a 15-20 minutes call to know how you can get $10,000 a month for life

  • Complete the Questionnaire - Start with the simple questions on this site to begin.

  • Book a Call - With the questionnaire and the call we establish whether this is for you

  • Eligibility - Now, soon, or later?

  • Payment - We complete the paperwork and start the application process.

  • You Get YOUR Grant - We handle everything and make sure you get free advertising for life.

Our one and only goal will be to work with you and strategize a system that can take your business to the next level with insane profits.

Powered Business by Grants – Benefits


The value of the grant is its ability to boost your content marketing. An often neglected but powerful tool for small business. The content that is unique, intriguing, engaging, and convincing enough, finally conquers! The more unique and relevant your content is, the more it'll work with your strategies.


A general digital marketing campaign stands on the following pillars: Brand Awareness, Brand Identity, Customer Engagement, and Lead Generation. And campaigns that use effective Content Marketing and SEO tools are thirteen times more likely to generate a positive return on investment. 


The grant gives you all this AND a sponsor picking up the bill. With the grant It cost you nothing to experiment until you get it. And once you get it right you use the knowledge and the data across all other platforms. This is how our clients turn one grant into revenue growth between $800k and $1.4 million You get to be the business owner who stands out In your marketplace and shines in your community.


With the grant you will have traffic which you will convert into customers that become repeat buyers who leave good reviews and send you referrals. With the grant And our solutions to optimize the other steps of your business, you can focus exclusively on serving your customers. You will never have to worry and you will never need customers.


Grants and all of our other solutions are produced in partnerships. Each partner is a specialist on a specific field. This is what allows us to produce solutions that are above the norm for our industry. Our grants were originally designed to boost the growth of products and services are offered by different partners.

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We hear about the business tycoons and their big businesses all the time, but robust economies are built on the welfare of SMBs.Digital marketing is ripe with potential that is surprisingly available to all but is scarcely used. We are determined to empower as many small and medium businesses as we can.When you partner with us you have the tools and the knowledge base to stand out in your marketplace and shine in your community.

Complete the Questionnaire & Book a Call

Frequently Asked Questions About Ad Grants

This exact formula has helped clients in 300+ industries get funded by Fortune 500 companies such as Google to grow their business & have a deeper impact

How long does it take for my business transform into a purpose-driven company and secure grants?

The timing can vary based on your overall goals, but in general, we help companies become purpose-driven organizations and secure grants in 60-90 days.

Is it possible for an organization to have multiple initiatives and secure grants for those projects/missions?

Yes. One of our core strategies is to help you diversify your revenue channels and align each of your initiatives (streams) with separate grant approvals (where required).

What kind of educational content can we advertise?

You can advertise blogs, articles, webinars, podcasts, courses, summits, events, workshops, give away PDFs, books, mentorship, coaching, or even a "hotline" if you'd like people to submit their questions that you will answer.

Do these grants expire or do we need to keep renewing them?

The grant that we can help you secure does not come with an expiration period and could be awarded to you for life. Although it is tough to predict if the rules of the grant program will change, there's a good chance that you can leverage these grants for years, if not decades to come.

What percent of accounts fall out of compliance?

It is tough to predict that answer - but with a well-structured account, there's no reason to fall out of compliance. Some of our business ventures have been leveraging these grants for over a decade without any issues or major hurdles.

What happens when you fall out of compliance?

If your account falls out of compliance - you will be given a warning or get suspended till you are able to fix your ads (or content) and get them back into compliance, at which point the warning or suspension will be removed.

Are there any limitations in terms of where and how I can advertise?

It's fairly flexible. You can advertise in a specific geographic area or go broader and advertise globally. You have a maximum of $120,000 a year per grant account, which breaks down into $10,000 a month or roughly $330 a day. The main rule is that you have to have high-quality advertising and educational content that is educational and not "salesy" in nature.

So - the entity exists in perpetuity and it sounds like the grants also exist in perpetuity?


We call it the Infinite ROI strategy - where you have access to a lifetime of free ads to advertise.

You do not have to pay back the grants and it's not a matching grant (you do not need to spend on Google to qualify for the grants).

Is this something I can do on my own?

You can do almost anything in life on your own - from building a house, building a business, stitching your own wounds, diagnosing your own symptoms, and in this case - filing educational nonprofits, keeping them in compliance, securing a grant, and managing it in a manner that lasts in perpetuity.

We've leveraged this Grant for close to 14 years, there's a lot of knowledge, IP, and even hacks that we've learned over the years.

Furthermore, we've helped over 500 people get qualified to use the grant and advised them on how to stay in compliance - there's a lot of knowledge and information (not publicly available) that we bring to the table.

Technically - yes - you can do everything on your own. But, if you're looking for the fastest path to exposure, funding, leverage, and growth - we might be the team to help you do that.


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